How To Make Your Boss Happy?

1. Make his/her life easier.  Figure out what he/she needs and how to deliver it.  2. Get to know him/her.  How does he/she operate? What is the preferred communication; email, phone, verbally? What does he/she care about? 3. What are his/her goals? 4. Never blindsided him/her. Always keeps him/her in the know. There is nothing worse… Continue reading How To Make Your Boss Happy?

Become a Leader

This is the part we all have been waiting for! We discussed the differences between being a boss and a leader in our previous blog and gave you an inside story of an unappreciated and demotivated employee at the veterinary clinic.   Now how do you become a leader instead of the boss? Here are 5 starting points; make… Continue reading Become a Leader

Are You The Boss? Some People Don’t Like You!

After returning from my week vacation, I was rested and I arrived to work 10 minutes early. After all, I like to beat everyone there. The place is peaceful as nobody is there yet. It gives me time to get ready for my day, make coffee, go over the schedule etc. My boss walks in… Continue reading Are You The Boss? Some People Don’t Like You!

Boss or a Leader?

Any leadership position is hard with all the responsibilities it brings. Certainly, this is true among practice owners/managers.  One of the biggest fears is being criticized for our decision making and behavior. After all, most people want to be liked and do a good job. Consider the following… Are you driving others or are you… Continue reading Boss or a Leader?

Three Key Points to Consider For Holding An Open House At Your Veterinary Hospital

You decided to promote your clinic with an open house. The fear many have is what if people don’t show up; a waste of my time and money. How can I make this an effective and positive experience? Believe it or not, there are hospitals which do one or more open houses every year. Start… Continue reading Three Key Points to Consider For Holding An Open House At Your Veterinary Hospital

My Identity Has Been Stolen

  After gathering up all my tax documents, my preparer calculated my tax returns and I am getting a small refund. A fancy dinner refund, but I am excited just the same! On my way to the dentist, I stopped at the office to pick up my documents and sign the paperwork authorizing electronic e-file.… Continue reading My Identity Has Been Stolen

Auto Deduction for Veterinarians

Many veterinarians use a car or truck for business and/or personal use. Are you aware of what you need to keep and how to account for your expenses? That vehicle that sits at your clinic overnight and that you never take home or use it to run for a soda at the gas station might be 100% business use. These… Continue reading Auto Deduction for Veterinarians