What’s Your Vibe?

Have you ever stopped “practicing” long enough to observe your clinic or hospital?  What messages are you sending your clients when they walk in your door, interact with your team, and meet with you?  Do you know?


If you are like most typical veterinary hospitals, everyone is too busy to worry about all those pesky details that ultimately define your brand or image.  If you are like most professionals, you are too busy “working in the business” to bother working on your business.  So, how do you begin deliberately conquering the message and image you desire?


First, take inventory.  No, I am not speaking of products and supplies but rather an inventory of how your team interacts with clients and other staff members.  What are they doing well?  What improvements or changes need to be made in order to accurately represent your core values and beliefs?  Can you take time to simply observe and will your observations yield an accurate depiction of the facts or will the results be tainted because everyone knows they are being watched?  Many businesses secretly hire an outside consultant to perform what we call a service audit to obtain an independent finding and report.  Others might simply contract secret shoppers to test how well your message is handled both on the phone, in persona, and be attending an actual appointment.  The bottom line is that you need to know what and how you are actually performing.


Once you know what is actual going on, you can begin training to your standards and building long lasting trust and meaningful relationships with your team and clients.  What’s your vibe?

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