How To Make Your Boss Happy?

1. Make his/her life easier.  Figure out what he/she needs and how to deliver it. 
2. Get to know him/her.  How does he/she operate? What is the preferred communication; email, phone, verbally? What does he/she care about?
3. What are his/her goals?
4. Never blindsided him/her. Always keeps him/her in the know. There is nothing worse than going into a meeting and not knowing all the info i.e. customer is upset, etc.
5. He/she is not your babysitter. Ask a coworker for help.
6. Underpromise and overdeliver
7. Offer solutions, not problems
8. Keep your promises – do what you said you would do
9. Take responsibility 
10. Make requests 
11. Refrain from complaining or making excuses     
11. Always look to grow personally, manage your own growth
13. Be a team player – no gossip or drama.  Be a positive influence
14. Don’t expect your boss to change easily, you adapt to them. 
15. If there is a problem between you and your boss, be proactive and fix it.
16. Make your boos look good
17. If it’s not working out, move on
18. Compliment your boss, but be honest (only when you mean it).  We all need encouragement and we like to be praised. 
19. Always make your boss feel like a boss. Always respect him or her
20. Don’t take things personally -There are going to be times when you have a different point of view. In those cases, advocate what you believe.  Part of your job is to explain why. Ultimately, support the decision your boss makes.  And, don’t take things personally, and keep your ego out of it. Speaking of which…

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