Become a Leader

This is the part we all have been waiting for! We discussed the differences between being a boss and a leader in our previous blog and gave you an inside story of an unappreciated and demotivated employee at the veterinary clinic.


Now how do you become a leader instead of the boss? Here are 5 starting points; make sure to…


Reward and recognize – Appreciate the people who work for you. They’ve dedicated their time to your vision, your dreams, and they work hard. Make sure you praise and show that you value even their smallest victories. Magnify their strengths, not their weaknesses.


Delegate – Delegation shows that you trust your employees. Empowering employees with projects gives them ownership of their work. They will be proud and dedicated.


Share your vision – Bring your employees on board by sharing your vision. Tell them what’s up. There should be no question of where you are heading and your ultimate goals?


Create culture – by creating culture, you will attract people with the same core values and goals.  Your culture defines your identity, builds brand image, increases motivation and loyalty, and can make or break your clinic.

Set expectations – Become a mentor. Explain, teach, and repeat.


The challenge of leadership is to 

Be strong, but not rude;

Be kind, but not weak;

Be bold, but not bully;

Be thoughtful, but not lazy;

Be humble, but not timid;

Be proud, but not arrogant;

Have humor, but without folly.

– Jim Rohn


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