Are You The Boss? Some People Don’t Like You!

After returning from my week vacation, I was rested and I arrived to work 10 minutes early. After all, I like to beat everyone there. The place is peaceful as nobody is there yet. It gives me time to get ready for my day, make coffee, go over the schedule etc. My boss walks in a mumbles ‘good morning’, passes by and disappears.


We have a brief staff meeting at the clinic at 8 am every morning. The boss?? talks about a mistake made the week before. Someone forgot to charge for food and he is very upset. He tells everyone it was Stephanie who prepared the invoice for the appointment and failed to ring up the food. I wouldn’t want to be in her shoes. She is getting an ear full in front of 15 people. Seems like there is never anything positive at our meetings. Oh, wait! We will be having an open house. How exciting!


The day is hectic as usual. At the end of the day, I am part of the cleaning crew. The boss is coming over with a big smile. Yay, here comes a praise since we worked our butts off today. Instead, we get “How hard is this? Can somebody tell Sue how we clean the waiting room?!” He is laughing. I am not.


As crazy as it sounds, this scenario is far too common.  Do you see things to improve or change? We would love to hear your stories and suggestions.  Leave us a comment.

Boss or a Leader?

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