Boss or a Leader?

Any leadership position is hard with all the responsibilities it
brings. Certainly, this is true among practice owners/managers.  One
of the biggest fears is being criticized for our decision making and
behavior. After all, most people want to be liked and do a good job.
Consider the following…

Are you driving others or are you coaching towards excellence?

Do you demand results or do you inspire others?

The boss says ‘go’ while the leader says ‘let’s go!’

The leader credits their team and celebrates with them while a boss
takes all the credit.

In response to failure, the boss blames others while the leader
listens to understand and helps to repair the damage.

The leader usually says ‘We’ and the boss usually says ‘I’.

Are you building trust and being compassionate? A boss is just a boss,
while a leader is a concerned friend and coworker.

Bosses tend to be focused on the process, while leaders tend to focus on people.

A boss talks all the time while a leader spends more time listening.

I think we all want to be leaders, but it’s easier said than done…
Stay tuned for our next blog post where we will focus on how to become
a great leader.

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