Don’t Become a Buggy Whip

Just the other day, I read that a major national retail chain had declared chapter 11 bankruptcy. How could a once thriving company potentially become extinct?  While I don’t know the specific details, perhaps it was because they continue using an all but dead business model.  This company sells and rents music, movies, games, and other entertainment through traditional brick and mortar retail stores.  Although our cities and towns once hosted many locally owned and nationally branded competitors, most have gone by the wayside.  We all know that electronic delivery of these products continues to grow as the preferred method of delivery and will likely be the doom of those unwilling to adapt.  It’s a changing, fast-paced world.

As technology advances at lightning speed, we too must be willing to change, embrace, and utilize it.  One example of a newer technology now available allows small businesses to take advantage of the essentially real-time financial information.  Such current information was once only available to large companies.  Imagine the effect of making all of your decisions based upon real-time information rather than the traditionally old historical financial information, or for some reading this, using no financial information at all.  Welcome to the new standard way of doing business; anytime, anywhere, and always current.  And, this information is available at a fraction of the time you currently invest in generating financial data? 

Interested?  Let Solutions by JF Bell Group explain how you too can benefit from one of our personally prepared financial packages, including always having access to financial information as soon as your banks and credit card companies post each new transaction. Don’t hesitate and run the risk of becoming the next buggy whip!

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